When it comes to your equine facility, arena, and horses, Kiser knows that you want the best products―and nothing should get in the way of that! The soundness of our horses is what’s most important to us, which is why we do what we do. It’s also why we offer the highest quality of products and materials to purchase and use in your arena.

There’s no better way to strengthen the bond between you and your horse than ensuring your arena and facility are kept in top condition. Keep on reading to see all of the professional-grade products we offer for you and your horse!

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Water Trailers/Systems >> learn more

Maintain your footing's moisture content with help from Kiser water systems. Unlike other water trailers and water wagons, our motor-powered water systems are easy to tow, can apply large volumes of water with ease, and can be used for any application you need.

Fans >> learn more

We understand how important it is to keep your arena and your horses cool and comfortable all year long. This is why Kiser chooses to partner with the best of the best when it comes to HVLS: Big Ass Fans®. Learn all about how a Big Ass Fan can amplify your equine facility and how Kiser can help you get one installed ASAP on our Big Ass Fans page.

Horse Walkers >> learn more

Kiser is proud to offer Priefert horse walkers. With 50 years of excellence, Priefert continues to lead and revolutionize the cattle and equine industries with complete product lines boasting the highest durability and most advanced technology, always putting the safety of animals and operators first. Priefert is built by ranchers, for ranchers, to keep your horses fit and healthy.

In the tradition of excellence, Priefert offers the most advanced line of conditioning walkers on the market. Explore the Priefert Panel Walker and Lead Walker now!

Fencing >> learn more

Specializing in world-class equine fencing, Kiser Arena Specialists can help transform your property with great-looking fences that are functional, durable, and safe! We are proud to offer a variety of fences to suit every need, from low-maintenance to high-resistance.

Kiser Dust Control >> learn more

Dust control is critical to the safety of your arena. Kiser is proud to offer Hydrext, a powerful moisture extender that acts as a high-performing dust suppressant. One gallon of Hydrext can treat 42,500 gallons of water, making it an efficient and effective way to control your arena’s moisture levels.

Kiser Footing Blends >> learn more

We are familiar with all different brands of geotextile and synthetic footing blends and can help you identify which footing blend or company will be the best fit for you. We can even assist you in planning or constructing an “ebb and flow” arena. Kiser footing blends balance dust control, discipline, and budget.

Priefert Ponderosa Fencing >> learn more

We have extensive knowledge about the Priefert line of products, and we are proud to supply all of them to your horse arena. We have the best Priefert salesperson there is, which allows us to even install the walkers on your land.

Woodguard >> learn more

Buckley Fence >> learn more

Arena Drags >> learn more

At Kiser, we understand that caring for the footing in your arena is vital to having a useful arena and ensuring safety for the riders in it. Kiser’s arena experts know that each and every inch of dirt in that arena needs to be tended to meticulously, and they’ve come up with the best way to do so with Kiser Arena Drags.

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