Kiser Horse Arena Dust Control Solutions

Kiser is proud to bring dust control solutions to your arena! Arena dust is a major issue indoors and outdoors, posing health risks to horses and riders and creating a poor riding environment. Different solutions can provide different results, from water-free footing to longer-lasting moisture.

For more information on our arena dust control solutions, or to place an order, contact Kiser Arena Specialists today!

Why Is Dust Control Important for Horse Arenas?

Poor moisture control can result in a whole host of issues for athletes and horses alike. Dusty conditions can lead to the irritation of the eyes and nasal passages, which can develop into respiratory issues including heaving, asthma, chronic bronchitis, and, as a result, a compromised ability to fight infection.

Dust control improves not only air quality, but also breathable oxygen levels. When a horse is working, it needs significantly more oxygen than when it is at rest, so keeping oxygen levels normal is crucial for training and showing.

Benefits include:
  • Eliminate free radicals and floating dust particles in the air
  • Decrease water usage or eliminate the need to water entirely
  • Choose from multiple options for different footing materials and surfaces
  • Increase year-round riding time in wet and dry seasons

High-Performance Dust Suppressant

High-Performance Dust Suppressant

Decrease dust and water usage with Hydrext’s powerful moisture extender. Three ounces of Hydrext enhances 1000 gallons of water for an incredibly low-cost solution for dry, dusty arenas and tracks. Highly effective for moisture retention indoors and outdoors without making surfaces slick,. Hydrext acts as a soil conditioner to enhance your riding experience without altering the composition of your footing.

  • Application rate: 1 gallon of Hydrext treats 42,500 gallons of water
  • 300 gallons water = add 1 ounce of Hydrext
  • 500 gallons water = add 1.5 ounces of Hydrext
  • 1000 gallons water = add 3 ounces of Hydrext

$150 / per gallon

Kiser dust control can be used in a variety of arenas, including riding arenas, reining arenas, and more. Looking for a dust control solution to improve your horse arena footing? Contact us to order Hydrext dust control today!

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