“They’ve been perfect. They keep the temperature down by easily 10 degrees. As far as dust goes, there’s no dust. The horses love it in here.” - Blue Apple Ranch, California

MacroAir Fans

Airflow is key in keeping trainers and horses comfortable. Barns and arenas can quickly become stuffy and stale without air circulation. MacroAir high-volume, low speed (HVLS) fans deliver a high volume of slowly moving air to, circulate air effectively and gently throughout your barn, arena, and showroom. This creates a cooler, more comfortable environment in the summer or warms up the space during the winter by pulling down warm air.

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Why Macroair

Engineered for Agriculture

MacroAir invented the HVLS fan to solve an agricultural problem: cows produce less milk when they are hot. HVLS fans generated a large volume of slow-moving air that efficiently cooled the cows and increased their productivity. From this solution sprang an industry that MacroAir is proud to lead.

MacroAir fans benefit more than just the agricultural industry, however. Horse barns and arenas, storage buildings, warehouses, manufacturing plants, airplane hangars, vaulted ceiling living rooms, covered porches, and more all enjoy these industrial-strength, efficient fans.

MacroAir commercial fans offer the following benefits:

  • Decrease energy costs
  • Decrease condensation (important for metal building and metal equipment)
  • Improve comfort which helps to decrease pes
  • Improve indoor air quality
  • Keep horses cool, lowering their stress level and decreasing risk of heat exhaustion

Gone are the days of waiting to work your horse in the middle of the night due to an overheated arena. MacroAir fans are the solution!

Reasons to Choose AirVolution-D
By MacorAir

  1. Energy Efficiency
    Runs for pennies a day, drops the effective temperature by 8 degrees, and saves 30 percent on cooling and 20% on heating costs.
  2. Unrivaled Warranty
    Designed and tested to perform longer than any HVLS fan on the market; enjoy a 50,000-hour (24 years average use) warranty.
  3. Zero Maintenance
    No gears, no oil, no friction thanks to our gearless motor.
  4. Convenient Controller
    Speed, light, and direction (forward/reverse) easily adjusted on a touchscreen controller.
  5. Project Support
    Customized solutions and local service provided by our strong distribution network.
  6. Silent Operation
    Gearless design makes our fans whisper-quiet—literally quieter than a human conversation.


Direct-Drive Motor

  • Eliminates gearbox, oil, and maintenance
  • Has only two moving parts

Quiet Operation

  • No gears = no friction = no noise
  • Quietest HVLS fan line

Onboard Processor

  • Eliminates problem-prone variable frequency drive
  • Adapts to input voltage and unaffected by voltage fluctuations


  • Touch screen operation
  • Control functionality for multiple fans


  • Made of durable anodized aluminum
  • Resists debris buildup


AirVolution-D 780
This top-of-the-line fan delivers massive airflow for your extra-large spaces. Thanks to our breakthrough in motor design, the 24-foot AirVolution D-780 fan moves 346,000 cubic feet of air per minute.

  • 20-24 foot diameter
  • Coverage: 22,000 sq. feet
  • 2.10 hp direct-drive motor
  • Weight: 213 pounds
  • $1.49 a day to run

AirVolution-D 550
The AirVolution-D 550 is part workhorse, part racehorse. This premium fan houses industrial power within its sleek design, providing the ideal solution for climate problems in your mid-sized spaces.

  • 8-18 foot diameter
  • Coverage: 15,000 sq. feet
  • 1.05 hp direct-drive motor
  • Weight: 172 pounds
  • $1.03 a day to run

Simplicity is key in the AVD3 industrial ceiling fan. The three-blade design reduces weight, friction, and raw materials, which in turn minimizes the strain on the building, your energy consumption, and your budget. But can three blades do the job? Yes! Just like a wind turbine, we designed the AVD3 to be the optimal balance between weight, materials, and efficiency.

  • 10-24 foot diameter
  • Coverage: 17,000 sq. feet
  • 1.05 hp direct-drive motor
  • Weight: 121 pounds
  • $0.78 a day to run

AirVolution-D 370
Ideal for ceiling heights as low as 12 feet, the AirVolution-D 370 is the perfect solution for cooling your smaller spaces. Sleek looks and custom color options add to its appeal, making it the most attractive device in your space

  • 6-12 foot diameter
  • Coverage: 3,500 sq. feet
  • 0.25 hp direct-drive motor
  • Weight: 79 pounds
  • $0.26 a day to run





The 50,000-Hour Warranty.

The AirVolution-D fan line leads the industry with products unparalleled in energy efficiency and effectiveness. AirVolution-D fans are designed and tested to perform longer than any HVLS fan on the market, and their 50,000- hour warranty proves it.

Why Hours, Not Years?
Some product warranties slip by before you really start using the product. MacroAir believes that a warranty should be based on usage, not the passing of time. Because of this, a time is included in their drive, and you can monitor usage any time on the digital remote display.

What Does 50,000 Hours Mean?
A 50,000-hour warranty translates to an average of 24 years of operation if used 40 hours per week (eight hours per day, five days per week).

What Does the Warranty Cover?
All AirVolution-D parts and components are covered by this warranty. MacroAir will repair or replace any defective part or component of the entire fan at no charge.

Who Pays for Shipping, Removal & Re-Installation?
0-3 Years of Ownership
MacroAir will pay shipping, removal, and re-installation costs if your AirVolution-D needs to be repaired or replaced due to a manufacturing defect within three years of the original purchase. Upon approval, MacroAir will reimburse you for these costs.

3+ Years of Ownership
After three years, all parts and components are under warranty for 50,000 operating hours. However, MacroAir will not cover the costs associated with shipping, removal, and re-installation.

What Isn’t Covered?
This warranty will not cover repairs or replacements caused by installation, operation, or storage that is outside the specifications and limitations contained in the AirVolution-D installation and operation instructions.

For Legacy fan models, the Standard 12-Year Prorated Warranty PDF is available. This warranty is also available as an option for the AirVolution-D3 fan line.


Wrangling $3,000 a Month in Energy Savings – It’s why Riverside Rancheros is a huge fan.

Cowboys and cowgirls come to Riverside Rancheros Equestrian Center to compete in events like calf roping, cattle sorting and barrel racing. But their biggest challenge is the brutally hot weather during spring and summer. With temperatures above 100 degrees, the animals as well as the organization’s ability to attract competitors – and revenue – is put in danger.

Radiating Heat
Riverside Rancheros is situated on 30 acres of land with a 150 by 330 feet covered, open sides arena built in 1987 to host competitions, and events. Unfortunately, the structure’s metal roof radiates heat and the surrounding valley blocks natural breezes from blowing. Contestants complain about high temperatures and stagnant hot air underneath the arena.

Creating Air Flow Without Upsetting Horses
Riverside Rancheros knew they had to create more airflow through the arena and even considered cutting vents into the metal roof. That’s when, Louie Tavaglione, a Rancheros board member, saw an ad for HVLS fans installed in a similar facility in Texas.

Riverside Rancheros purchased a 24-foot AirVolution fan, which was installed in the center of the arena. On a warm summer night they held an American Cancer Society fund raiser with over 350 people in the arena. The fan made the event quite comfortable for all in attendance and Louie received lots of compliments on the comfortable breeze it produced. Even the heat of competitions is eased by a single gently revolving MacroAir fan.

Needless to say, now everyone at Riverside Rancheros is sitting taller in the saddle.

Blue Apple Ranch Video