Every arena is unique in its use, design, and type of material. To think that your arena can be based entirely off of someone else's design can be a huge mistake.

There’s no single recipe for the perfect arena. When you rely solely on a contractor to design your arena and select your footing materials, you need an arena expert who will design an arena and footing blend that is totally custom to your unique needs.

When you hire a Kiser Arena Specialists consultant, they work for you, helping to find the right design and materials in the most cost-effective way. From the quarry to the lab all the way through your first ride in your new arena, the consultant is your advocate and advisor. They’ll help formulate the proper footing blend for your needs and even ensure that your contractors know which materials to use and how to install per Kiser recommendation.

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Consultants from Kiser Arena Specialists take the guess-work out of arena design and replace it with peace of mind. Contact us today to schedule an arena design and footing consultation. We offer arena services across the world, including the U.S., Canada, and more.

Why Arena Consulting?

Some common questions that come up when building an arena include:

  • Does it matter where the arena goes?
  • What’s the best way to plan for drainage?
  • Will my existing soil work?
  • Why is a base so important and what kind of base material should I use?
  • What kind of top footing will be best?
  • Does footing depth matter?
  • How do I know the material I am using is actually what I need?
  • Will my general contractor know what to do?

Pictured above: Kiser consultants were contracted to design the fix and finished product after the contractor put this rock in place as a “reining arena base.” This is an example of a base that would not work and would be detrimental to the horses.

This is an unfortunate and all too common reality that is very costly to owners. Kiser Arena Specialists consultants understand that building an arena is an investment. A consultant will protect your investment by providing answers and solutions that fit your arena, so the arena is done right the first time.

Benefits of Working with a Consultant

Hiring a Kiser consultant will ensure the success of your arena and always put the safety of horse and rider first!

When you work with a Kiser Arena Specialists consultant, you can expect to:

  • Get the design and execution right the first time
  • Save money by getting the right advice
  • Reduce injury occurrences caused by poor footing
  • Work directly with footing, equipment, and arena experts
Schedule an onsite consultation or inquire about our offsite consulting services by contacting us today.


The Gold Standard in Arena Consulting

This hands-on approach consists of a two-day visit to your property or facility to see it ourselves and gather all the important information to make your unique arena a success.

From overcoming land and climate challenges, including undesirable natural soil and heavy rain falls, to locating the best material options even in areas where suitable footing material is said not to exist. Kiser is known for having a tenacious knack for finding solutions to whatever challenge is presented. Kiser consultants draw on years of experience making footing better and creating custom footing to enhance the safety and quality for horses and riders.

Complete Peace of Mind

Whether riding is a livelihood or a hobby, your arena is an investment in your horses’ safety and your quality time in the saddle. Kiser Arena Consultants will custom-design the arena, pick the right materials by exploring options, testing for quality, and working with contractors and architects to ensure success at every level.

Footing Material Selection

Each material sample for footing is tested in the extensive Kiser Footing Lab located in Gainesville, TX. Kiser consultants exhaust every resource to find the best soil options in closest proximity. Finding material as locally as possible reduces the hauling cost substantially!

Kiser Footing Testing analyzes potential base and top footing material for compaction, percolation, shear strength, rebound, and cushion. Most importantly, the tests are conducted in relation to your subsurface material, size, and grade of your arena, as well as your budget.

Contractor Communication

Kiser Arena consultants provide written plans including arena dimensions, installation instructions, drainage diagrams, arena grade, and soil materials and depths for your local contractor. Having the work done locally saves money and supports the local community. Your consultant is available at any time throughout the project to provide guidance, answer questions, and overcome obstacles that may come up.

Certified “Kiser Arena”

An arena completed to Kiser Arena consultant specifications can be used, advertised, or referred to as a “Kiser Arena.” Some projects may benefit from having a consultant onsite during different stages of installation, in which case, additional visits can be arranged and a more in-depth certification process is available.

**Onsite consultations are limited and are scheduled on a first-come-first-serve basis.**


Unfortunately, there is no “cookie cutter” way to build the perfect arena. A huge number of variables play into creating a riding surface that keeps your horses sound and performing at the top of their game. Factors like how many horses, how many hours a day, what disciplines, and what kind of sands, silts, and clays are available will all impact your unique arena.

Whether you are building a new arena or rehabilitating an existing arena, offsite Kiser Arena consulting can fill in the gaps. If onsite arena consultation simply isn’t in the budget, this is an economical option that can be customized to your needs.

Offsite consulting services include:

  • Drainage and grading plan
  • Base material selection
  • Base installation instructions and material volume specifications
  • Top footing selection
  • Top footing installation instructions and volume specifications
  • Current footing testing and recommendation for improvement
  • Contractor communication and instruction
  • Quarry communication

Material testing is performed as it pertains to material samples and types and results are provided based on your customized consultation services.

**Offsite consultations exclude outdoor reining arenas and availability may be limited.**

Your athletes and horses deserve an arena and footing that can be used in all weather and that suit their needs to a T. With Kiser, all that (and more) is possible. Contact us today to schedule an arena design consultation. We offer arena services throughout the U.S., Canada, South America, and more!