Arena Renovation Services

One of the best ways to preserve your arena for a lifetime of enjoyment is to do routine maintenance and repair. Ongoing arena care and renovation can be related to routine vehicle maintenance. Just like a vehicle maintenance package can help avoid roadside breakdowns, costly repairs, and keep your vehicle safe, reliable, and running longer, an arena maintenance schedule can keep your arena functioning at its peak, eliminate costly arena overhauls, and most importantly keep your horses safe by eliminating injuries due to base and top footing inconsistencies.

Many factors contribute to what kind of maintenance and how often your arena needs maintained. Factors like climate, amount of use, and frequency of normal arena grooming, and original arena design dictate what is required to rejuvenate your arena to its original condition. Services can include base repair, adding natural material, and remixing synthetic footing. Kiser Arena Specialists has the equipment and expertise to efficiently bring your arena back to the standard you expect from your footing!

**Services only available in select areas.**

Rock Picking

As any horseman knows, rocks are the natural enemy of horses’ feet.  Kiser Arena Specialists have equipment to remove all sizes of rock including those as small as 3/8 inch.  If rocks are an issue in your arena, have peace of mind knowing that there is something that can be done about it!

Kiser Arena Maintenance Package

Kiser Arena Specialists can customize an ongoing arena maintenance package to keep your arena performing like a top.

  • Reduce the risk of horse injuries.
  • Never worry about scheduling services.
  • Lower cost.
  • Expert advice.
  • Services scheduled only as needed and before out of the ordinary damage is done.
  • Top of the line equipment, laser technology, run by Kiser Professionals!

The perfect fit for high performing training facilities!