We turn dirt into your dream arena.

When it comes to your arena, any old footing won’t do. You need a footing blend that is custom to your specific needs! Most contractors have very little experience in building horse arenas that work functionally and also contribute to your horses’ health and performance. Even when a contractor has the right materials, quite often, the drainage and base material installation is done improperly, resulting in an arena that looks good but functions poorly and may even be unsafe for horse and rider.

The Kisers’ farming background has contributed an innate understanding of soil materials and land manipulation and ultimately paved the road into the equine arena business. For the last 30 years, Kiser Arena Specialists has designed custom footing and built arenas in all disciplines setting a new standard in the industry.

When you want an arena built the right way to endure all weather and fulfill all your needs, Kiser is the only name you need to know!

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Our Custom Arena Footing Services

In order to have an arena that percolates water evenly, sheds rainwater, and gives your horses the exact same amount of riding material with every footfall laser-grading equipment is a must! Don’t let a contractor tell you they can “eyeball” it because they can’t… and you can’t afford to let them.

If you are creating footing for an existing arena, we will assess your current footing and analyze its current issues. If this Is for a new arena, we will analyze the building site and influencing factors like winds, temperatures, rainfall, topography, and structure. We take samples of existing and potential footing materials and then test them in our footing lab to identify or design the right mix of materials for each unique arena.

Our horse arena footing products are primarily natural, including sand, silt, and clay. We also use high-quality geotextile fiber (usually in combination with sand) for elite performance applications, such as dressage, hunters, and jumpers. For both natural and blended footing, there is a base layer that must have the properties to become solid and stay consistent. The base is the foundation for safe, successful footing. Base materials range from clay to stone dust materials to mat systems similar to those you see under turf for erosion control.

Kiser Arena Specialists uses premier dual-grade lasers on all grading equipment. When a Kiser construction crew installs your arena, a laser-perfect grade is guaranteed from the subsurface to the top footing.

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If you’re looking for footing that is sure to perform for your athletes, you’ve come to the right place. The Kiser business started with footing, and after decades working with it, we’re the industry experts for all equine disciplines and much more.

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