Footing Seminar Services

Good arena footing is considered to be a major part of the success of any equine facility, especially those that host events. Knowing the footing requirements of different disciplines and how to transition footing from one discipline to another is something we have specialized in for over 20 years. Selecting, installing, and maintaining the arena footing for the American Quarter Horse Association World Championships requires this kind of knowledge.

At a show where millions of dollars of money and prizes are awarded, the AQHA can trust only the leader in the arena footing industry to make sure that the arena footing is properly prepared for each discipline that is competing that day. As many as 10 different disciplines may compete in one day, each with specific footing requirements. Why not let Kiser Arena Specialists train your facility staff to prepare major event footing?

For over 10 years, we were responsible for the Arena Footing Seminar for the League of Agricultural and Equestrian Centers. We were responsible for training the staff of many major equestrian show facilities, including Washington Horse Park, West World in Scottsdale, Oklahoma State Fairgrounds in Oklahoma City, Will Rogers Memorial Equestrian Center in Fort Worth, Horseshoe Park in Queen Creek, and dozens more. The sooner you can achieve major event footing preparation knowledge, the sooner you can host a successful major event. Our team has the experience to train your staff on every discipline.

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