The Services We Offer

We understand every aspect of horse arena design, construction, renovation, and maintenance.

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Building an arena can be a costly, confusing, and time consuming process unless you are aware of all of the mistakes that can be made along the way. There are many factors that determine the success of building an arena including contractor selection, site selection, material selection, drainage, climate, and amount of use.

With over 30 years of experience, Kiser Arena Specialists can protect your investment and take the guesswork out of building better, high functioning arenas for every horseperson.

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The biggest keys to artificial and natural footing installations are accuracy and quality of work. Kiser equipment has automated laser leveling capabilities for completely accurate depth control with a higher standard of quality. Our equipment allows us to efficiently and accurately install arenas quickly to decrease your down time whether it is creating the perfect synthetic mix or installing a laser leveled base with the most suitable natural material for your unique arena.

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Any footing material that is used will need to be rejuvenated at some point.  Many factors including climate, amount of use, and frequency of normal maintenance can determine how often your arena footing will need to be repaired to bring it back to its original condition.  Whether it is base repair, additional sand, or remixing artificial footing, Kiser Arena Specialists has the equipment and expertise to efficiently bring your arena back to the standard that you expect from your footing.

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Twenty-five years later we have achieved a worldwide presence by maintaining the footing for some of the biggest equine events in the world for many different disciplines.  As prize money and horse prices have increased, the need for even more discipline specific footing has also increased.  Kiser Arena Specialists have recognized this and continue to be the leader in product research, equipment development, and competition footing maintenance.

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Footing Seminars sponsored by the League of Agricultural and Equestrian Centers – Recognizing the need to improve the quality of arena footing at major equine facilities nationwide, the League of Agricultural and Equestrian Centers hosts a Footing Academy for facility managers and employees twice a year.  Kiser Arena Specialists are the featured instructors at each of these courses.  These two day classes are regarded as a necessity by facilities to insure that their footing and employees stay current with the latest footing information and equipment in the equine industry.