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As an equine veterinarian, I know firsthand how vital the ground is to keeping a horse sound and free from injury. In an industry where its success comes largely from the strength behind a horse's feet and its ability to move them, the surface on which these equestrian athletes perform must be precise and well-groomed. I consider Kiser Arena Specialists to be the "go-to" experts in arena footing. As equestrians we must be able to feel that we are putting our horses, and our investments, into a safe environment, and the footing in said environment is paramount to the training and showing of the equine athlete. Stepping into a Kiser arena, you can be confident that immaculate detail went into selecting the dirt below you. Not only does Kiser Arena Specialists know how to design, build, and outfit an arena, but they are the leading creators of the equipment needed to maintain these arenas. They understand that the job is not done when the arena is finished. Keeping an arena in the best condition requires vigilant maintenance and personalized care. With their creations of arena drags, watering systems, and dust control, the average consumer, along with the experienced horseman, can be confident that their arena is kept at Kiser quality. All too often people underestimate the importance of the arena and its footing, but it is far more intricate than just laying down dirt. Thankfully, the Kiser family understands the importance of arena surfaces, and the value of keeping your horse, and its rider, safe and able to perform to the best of its abilities.

- Glenn Blodgett, DVM
6666 Ranch, Horse Division Manager
AQHA Past President

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At Kiser Arena Specialists, we know how important it is to make sure your horses are safe and performing their best. There is no doubt that by now, you have invested a lot of your resources, both time and money, into your passion for your horses.

Whether you are building a new horse arena or you need to fix the one you have, there is nothing more critical to your success than having the proper arena footing, designed specifically for what you want your horses to accomplish. And, if you ask the biggest names in the industry, they'll tell you that what you want is a Kiser arena. That's because a Kiser arena means proper footing every time.

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Whether you need riding arena footing material selection and management or custom dust control solutions for your riding arena, Kiser can help. Contact us online now to get started.

Over 80% of all soundness-related injuries are a result of poorly constructed arenas that have the wrong types and amounts of material in them. Critical design decisions are made long before you break ground, and many costly mistakes can be avoided with expert consultation. Bob and Jim Kiser are two of the world's leading experts in arena consulting and construction, and they are sought after by most of the industry's top money earners, trainers, and performance shows.

We know that rocks are the enemy of a horse’s feet. This is why we offer custom footing design and installation, arena design consultations, competition footing management, and more to arenas across the U.S. We also offer arena construction in certain states.

We’re proud to say we’ve been in the horse industry for 40 years. We’re the pros when it comes to footing consultations, horse arena design, and so much more. When you want to improve your arena safety, increase riding time in all weather and seasons, and keep your facility operations smooth, choose Kiser.

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