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The Kiser story begins in Illinois on Bob Kiser’s farm, where he grew corn and soybeans. Bob’s son, Jim Kiser, and his family became involved in the reining horse industry around 1978, and by 1986, the family were well-known members of the National Reining Horse Association, or the NRHA.

The NRHA has several big shows a year, one of which is the NRHA Futurity. This event had been typically held in Ohio in conjunction with the Quarter Horse Congress, but in 1986 the decision was made to move the show to Oklahoma City. As farmers and avid members of the reining horse community, the Kisers were well-versed in the proper needs of a reining arena, and they quickly saw that what was presented to them that year in Oklahoma City was less than desirable, and not safe for the horse or the rider.

The following year, the arena conditions were even worse. The NRHA knew they had to make a change in order to keep the prestige of this event, and Bob Kiser was their answer. They asked him to take charge of the footing at Jim Norick Arena, and Bob Kiser was able to provide the footing needed for an event of this magnitude. The word of these improvements spread. Soon enough the Kiser family also managed the footing at the NRHA Derby, and they have been doing so at these events for over 30 years. With the success of these events, the Kiser name quickly became synonymous with top-of-the-line equestrian arenas. Not only was the name associated with arenas and footing, but with arena care and maintenance as well. As innovators, the Kiser family created their own line of arena drags that far advanced any arena equipment to date.

As the demand grew for a Kiser arena and other Kiser products, the family relocated to North Texas and Jim, now a sought-after reining horse trainer, joined his dad full-time to help grow the business.

Kiser Arena Specialists has been involved in the building of arenas in 42 states and 13 countries. They are affiliated with the NRHA, AQHA, NRCHA, and NCHA, and managed the footing at the FEI World Equestrian Games four times. In 2011, Bob Kiser was inducted into the NRHA Hall of Fame for his contributions to the reining industry.

Today, Kiser Arena Specialists has expanded their portfolio into all aspects of an equine arena, from footing and maintenance to watering, dust control, fencing, fans, construction, renovation, and show footing management. Along with the NRHA, Kiser Arena Specialists also manages the footing at all NCHA shows, NRCHA shows, AQHA shows, and the World Equestrian Games. The new Kiser Arena Drags, designed by Bob and Jim Kiser, made their debut at the NRHA Derby in 2019, and Kiser has released their own line of water trailers. The reach of Kiser Arena Specialists and the demand for a Kiser arena continues to grow. There is no arena like a Kiser arena, because they are Designed To Be Trusted.

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