Arena Drags

The foundation of Kiser Arena Specialists is a dedication to ensuring equestrian arenas have proper footing, which keeps a horse sound and performing at its maximum ability. While the footing itself is key in this scenario, it is only the first step. Maintaining and caring for that footing is what keeps the integrity of that material and protects your investment for years to come. Because of this knowledge, and a belief that there is always a better, smarter solution, Kiser Arena Specialists has become the leading innovators of arena drags.

At Kiser, we understand that caring for the footing in your arena is vital to having a useful arena and ensuring safety for the riders in it. An arena that is incorrectly maintained can cause catastrophic injuries to an equine athlete. Kiser’s arena experts know that each and every inch of dirt in that arena needs to be tended to meticulously, and they’ve come up with the best way to do so with Kiser Arena Drags.

Making their official debut in June of 2019, the new Kiser Arena Drags have top-of-the-line components for dragging, leveling, breaking up, and smoothing arena dirt at varying depths and leaving arena footing looking and feeling impeccable. With several sizes available, these drags can be pulled with anything from an ATV to a large tractor and can care for arenas large and small, indoor and outdoor, with both natural and artificial footing. With capabilities for water tank attachments, these drags cover every aspect necessary to properly care for an arena with ease. Whether you are new to arena grooming or a seasoned veteran, this drag will fit you and your arena perfectly.

Kiser Arena Drags were designed and tested by the Kiser arena experts themselves, and with over 35 years of experience, no other drag on the market can compare to the quality and performance of a Kiser Arena Drag. Check out our models and spec sheets below and give us a call today to help find you the perfect drag for your arena!

If you’re in need of arena drags, look no further than Kiser Arena Specialists. Call 940-665-8058 or contact us online to speak to a member of our team!