2000 Series

The Kiser 2 Series Arena Drag is the most adaptable small tractor drag we have ever designed. The drag is 8’ wide and can be used as either a pull type drag or a 3 point drag simply by removing the tongue. This drag is an ideal solution for smaller tractors or tighter spaces where a 10’ wide drag cannot be used. 

It features one set of hydraulic remotes for depth control when used as a pull type drag. When the drag is used as a 3 point drag, the depth can be set with an adjustable top link.

It has a set of rippers on the front of the drag, with replaceable ripper tips that can be adjusted for depth. Behind the rippers, there are two rows of replaceable grooming rods, which can also be adjusted for depth. At the rear of the frame, there are two options available.  Either a profile blade or two additional rows of grooming rods, depending upon application. Finally, a finish rake gives the arena the final look and finish. 

The drag is now also available with a leveling blade for the front of the drag to skim the arena and keep the footing level as you drag.

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