2,010 Gallon

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Weight:Dry: 3,260 lbs
Loaded: 20,000 lbs(water)
Unit Dimensions:223″ L x 101″ W x 92″ H
Frame Construction:7” Channel Iron

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DOT Compliant:No
Capacity:2,010 Gallon
Weight:Dry: 3,260 lbs
Loaded: 20,000 lbs(water)
Unit Dimensions:223″ L x 101″ W x 92″ H
Frame Construction:7″ Channel Iron
Axle(s):2- 22,000 lbs (total capacity)
slipper leaf-spring & 4 wheel surge brakes
Tires:11 x 22.5 (14 ply)
Brakes:4 wheel surge brake standard
Hitch Compatibility:(Height Adjustable )
2 5/16″ Ball Coupler
2″ Ball Coupler, or Clevis
Tank Type:Elliptical Full-Draining
Rotationally Molded
Tank Color:Black
Water Distribution 2″:Single adjustable angle
stainless steel nozzle
98 GPM @ 20 PSI
Motor:6.5 HP Honda GX200 Series
2″ Pump:2″ Self Priming Centrifugal
Polypropylene Pump, 190 gal. p/min
open discharge (BANJO 200PH5)
3″ Pump:3″ Self Priming Centrifugal
Polypropylene Pump, 300 gal. p/min
open discharge (BANJO 300PH6)
Valves Fittings:2″ OR 3″ FULL PORT
Spray Hose:Optional includes
Fire Hose Nozzle
Quick Fill System:2″ OR 3″ FILL &
Filling Platform:Yes
Safety Chain Rating:25,000 capacity
Jack Rating:10,000 lb top wind drop leg jack
Frame Warranty:5 years



Once you have the perfect footing blend for your arena, proper moisture content is key to maintaining your ground. Moisture content is vital to reducing dust and keeping your horses safe and your arena at top quality. With our Kiser water systems, maintaining moisture is easy! Our motor-powered water systems are easy to tow, supported by a channel iron frame, and provided in a variety of hitch options, enabling you to carry and apply large volumes of water throughout your property. With different options for water delivery, water pressure, and control, our systems can be used in a wide variety of ways, ranging from arena moisture management and dust abatement to fire protection, watering livestock, cleaning, water transport, and more.

The valve in the rear of the tank can be adjusted to spray a fan of water from a wide to a small range, with up to over 100 gallons per minute at maximum output. There is also the option of an adjustable pressure spray hose, perfect for filling water troughs, spraying down equipment, and so much more! Other possible attachments include a quick-fill system with a suction hose, where you can fill your tank from a standing water source such as a pond or tank! They’re so easy to use, convenient, and versatile, you won’t believe how you ever ran your property without them!


Concerned about the cleanliness of your water system? Have a large property that requires extensive watering? Worried that your water system frame won’t hold up under your demands? The Kiser water system addresses all these concerns and much more. We design the frames ourselves, guaranteeing total durability, safety, and performance. Our tanks can fully drain, which is key for towing filtered water and ensuring tank cleanliness. Our water wagon tanks are black to help control algae and bacteria growth in the tanks that could affect the motor and plumbing functionality. The water systems are designed to apply water precisely and evenly, providing the coverage you need, and they’re quick to refill. The tanks come in sizes ranging from 525 gallons to 2,000 gallons, so you are guaranteed to find a water system that will fit the needs of your facility. For moisture control you can rely on and trust to get the job done, choose Kiser.


It’s common knowledge that many equine locations have substantial fire risks. Most of the time, there’s a delay between when the fire starts and when fire response can arrive on the scene. Whether it’s a small grass fire or a larger emergency, Kiser’s Water Trailer can help. A mobile water source, such as the Kiser Water Trailer, can assist in pre-soaking your arena or building and help control fires when they occur. This protocol has the potential to save your horses, your facility, and you from mass amounts of damage and costly repairs.

Kiser’s Water Trailers work by utilizing a Honda motor with a self-priming centrifugal polypropylene pump and plumbing kit with a 2” or 3” nozzle dispersing 98 gallons per minute at 20 psi for maximum fire control. Best of all, our systems feature an optional fire hose nozzle for rapid water dispersion. In the case of a sudden fire, you can fill your Kiser Water Trailer rapidly with our Quick Fill System, which uses a garden hose or quick-fill system in a pond to fill your trailer. You can also fill from a fire hydrant as well.

We at Kiser Arena Specialists understand how important it is to keep your horses, area, and facility safe. Let us help you take care of your facility, so you can take care of your horses, and won’t have to worry about major damages from a small fire. Trust in Kiser Arena Specialists’ water trailers for your fire suppression and disaster support needs.

Did you know we ship our water systems? We have three distribution locations throughout the U.S., so these systems can be shipped to you from the closest location at a reasonable cost. Call us for a freight quote now! Our distribution centers are in Bakersfield, California; Newton, Kansas; and Hopkinsville, Kentucky.

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