8000 Series

With over 35 years in the arena drag business, Kiser Arenas has the experience and knowledge to design the components necessary to create your perfect footing. Designed for a standard or smaller tractor, The Kiser 8 Series Drag is unlike any other drag on the market

Although this drag is 10wide it only requires a 45HP tractor. It has two sets of hydraulic remotes the first is a hydraulic leveling blade and the second set is to customize the drag depth

On the front of the drag there is a stationary push blade that begins the footing releveling process. The blade runs about 1/2to 1in the ground and is the initial point of contact. Behind that, the second point of contact, there is a row of adjustable rippers that can be raised or lowered and pinned in place to loosen compacted footing at the desired depth. The third point of contact is a hydraulically controlled leveling blade/grooming blade. This blade can be used as a stationary leveling blade or it can be controlled to move arena footing and easily keep your arena footing at a constant depth

Behind the leveling blade/grooming blade, the drag can be customized with either an adjustable profile blade or alternately, two rows of adjustable grooming rods. Finally, a finish rake gives the arena the final look and finish

Most of our customer add the optional 225 gallon water system to The Kiser 8 Series Drag. The water system is designed to spray water in front of the drag instead of behind the drag. This allows the moisture to be worked into the footing versus having it sit on top of the footing. The water is distributed via a PTO driven pump that connect directly to the tractor

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