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C-125 PTO
Capacity: 85 cu. ft. Overall Width: 76″
Number of Horses: 10 to 25 Loading Height: 43″
Overall Length: 198″ Flared Width: 59″

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C-125 PTO
Capacity 85 cu. ft.
Number of Horses 10 to 25
Overall Length 198″
Overall Width 76″
Loading Height 43″
Flared Width 59″
Box Width 46″
Box Length 128″
Box Height 25″
Box Construction 10 Gauge Cor-Ten Steel
Floor Construction High Density Poly Vinyl 3/4″ T&G (all models)
Beater Paddles 12 Rooster Comb, Replaceable
Beater Diameter 23″
Drive 540 RPM PTO
Apron Chain 7/16″ Stainless Steel T-Rod
Apron Drive 3-Speed Rachet
Spindle 2-1/8″
Wheels 15×6-8 Bolt
Tires 10-15-SL
Required HP 35 PTO*
Weight w/ Tires 1700 Lbs.
Fine Spread Plan
Top Beater
Manual End Gate
Hydraulic End Gate
Jack Standard
Adjustable Hitch Standard
Gator Hide Lining
Wheel Jack