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C-80 PTO
Capacity: 58 cu. ft. Overall Width: 65″
Number of Horses: 5 to 10 Loading Height: 36″
Overall Length: 168″ Flared Width: 48″

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C-80 PTO
Capacity 58 cu. ft.
Number of Horses 5 to 10
Overall Length 168″
Overall Width 65″
Loading Height 36″
Flared Width 48″
Box Width 38″
Box Length 101″
Box Height 20″
Box Construction Fully Welded, 12 Gauge Cor-Ten Steel
Floor Construction High Density Poly Vinyl 3/4″ T&G (all models)
Beater Paddles 12 Rooster Comb, Replaceable
Beater Diameter 21″
Drive 540 RPM PTO
Apron Chain 3/8″ Stainless Steel T-Rod, Stainless Steel Cross Slats
Apron Drive 3-Speed Rachet
Spindle 1-3/4″
Wheels 15×5-6 Bolt
Tires 9.50-15 Imp.
Required HP 18 PTO*
Weight w/ Tires 1150 Lbs.
Fine Spread Plan
Top Beater
Manual End Gate
Hydraulic End Gate
Jack Standard
Adjustable Hitch Standard
Gator Hide Lining
Wheel Jack