Priefert Panel Walker – 4 Horse Walker

This is the most advanced horse walker on the market. Horses work most naturally and comfortably without resistance, which helps them to stay mentally engaged for a more complete conditioning program. Priefert horse walkers are great for warming up (in place of longeing), cooling down, rehabbing from illness and injury, and staying in top shape without the concern of learning bad habits from different riders.

Priefert raises the bar for panel walkers by eliminating the need for maintenance and increasing performance and reliability! We know other brands of walkers that result in squealing belts and derailed chains, and walkers that have turned into sedentary tie posts. With the revolutionary use of the planetary gearbox, Priefert brings you a low-maintenance, high-performing, whisper-quiet, and super-reliable tool!

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The Priefert panel walker offers the following specs:

  • Available in three sizes for four, six, or eight horses
  • Low impedance, with electrically charged free-swinging divider panels
  • Electrical charge, optionally activated at control box
  • Variable speeds
  • Slow speeds for cooling out and low stress rehabilitation
  • Advanced speeds for building muscle and endurance
  • Time-saving, enabling work time for every horse
  • Perfect circle round pen, eliminating trap points and increases safety
Push Button Control Box

  • Large labeled buttons
  • Three preset time increments: 15, 30, 60 minutes
  • Dual direction functionality
  • Completely variable speed at control box or by handheld remote
  • 60-second “ramp up” time to desired speed for natural transition
  • 20-second “ramp down” time from engaged to stop
  • Convenient switch to turn electrical stimulus to hanging panels on and off
Touchscreen Control Box

  • Condition your horses at a whole new level
  • Use customized programming for up to 20 automated exercise routines.
  • Each routine can have up to 12 steps for changing pace and direction
  • Choose programmed routines or manual option
  • Use 25-second “ramp up” time from start to desired speed gives horse time to adjust
  • Use 35-second “ramp down” time from engage to full stop
  • Use easy switch to turn electrical stimulus to hanging panels on and off
Standard Six Rail, Skirted Round Pen

  • Total safety and durability for young horses, training horses, and seasoned competitors
  • Curved panels to create a perfect circle for the walker to operate in
  • 6’ tall, heavy-duty 16-gauge quadraform powder-coated tubing
  • 2’ solid bottom sheeting to keep footing in the track
  • Open feel to let horses see out, discouraging them from being high-headed and straining to see out while encouraging them to carry a natural headset and relax
Two-Inch Mesh, Skirted Round Pen

  • Added level of safety with 2”x2”, four-gauge wire mesh top with solid skirt bottom
  • 6’ tall curved panel system to eliminate hazardous corners and dangerous trap points
Round Pen Drag

  • Save time on maintenance
  • Improve consistency of ground
  • Attach drag to walker arms
  • Move dirt from the outside wall in our inside out depending need
  • Help horses feel more comfortable and eliminate unnecessary strain by making the ground more consistent
Sprinkler System

  • Keeps ground moist and dust down
  • Attaches to any outdoor water hose
  • Is only available on Priefert panel walkers
Planetary Gearbox

  • No belts, no pulleys, no chains, and no hydraulics
  • Most commonly used in automobile transmissions, excavating equipment, and industrial overhead cranes
  • High-performance and low-maintenance, far superior to belt- or chain-driven walkers
  • Only three oil Zerks to grease every six months to provide years of virtually maintenance-free, reliable operation
  • Direct drive system offers three times the torque and stiffness of traditional gear systems of similar size in gear-driven walkers
Serious Horsepower

  • Siemens three-horsepower motor provides the strength, speed, and torque to withstand 2,000 pounds of downward pull while working up to eight horses at once
Control Boxes

  • Completely variable speed
  • Dual direction functionality at the push of a button
  • Push button control box with three preset time increments
  • Touch screen for fully custom, automated workouts for your horses’ complete conditioning
  • Emergency shut-off control
Wireless Remote Control

  • Standard with every walker
  • Small enough to fit in a pocket onto an additional belt clip
  • Start and stop function
  • Buttons to increase and decrease speed and change direction
  • Easy to use
Whisper Quiet

  • Decibel output of 60 decibels—less noise than a household dryer
Weatherproof Finish  >> view video

  • Powder-coated in-house at Priefert
  • Durable architectural-grade powder coat to extend the life and looks of your walker
  • Electrostatically applied, baked-on finish to resist weather, rust, and chipping
Advanced Safety Features
  • Emergency shut-off activates if resistance stalls the motor for more than 60 seconds
  • Keeps horses safe and protects the gear box and motor